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Why is the world's largest collection of family history information. They make it easy to discover, share and preserve your family history. Surname Finder's unique Ancestry Search lets you see what offers for your specific research needs. Then you can subscribe to and instantly access billions of historical records, millions of family trees, plenty of easy-to-use tree-building tools and a worldwide community of fellow researchers. Learn more about

What kind of information can I find? has billions of fully searchable records in hundreds of databases all of which can be checked using Surname Finder's unique Ancestry Search before you subscribe. Then when you subscribe, you can learn when your ancestors were born, where they settled, whom they married, how they earned a living and many other important facts. Here are just some of the records Surname Finder will help you find:

  • Military records
  • Census records
  • Immigration records
  • Historical newspapers
  • Family trees

Learn more about their record collections by listening to a FREE online presentation.

What's the best way to search Ancestry?

Ancestry Search Box The web site can provide a lot of interesting information WITHOUT even subscribing. Surname Finder offers access to all of this information with our unique Ancestry Search.

Summary results show you quickly how many matches the databases have for the surname (or full name) that you are searching for. Most people find this little bit of information enough to want to subscribe.

Detailed results will show you the databases that have matching records and the counts in each. This method of searching gives you a better idea of the specific type of information you'll have access to if you subscribe.

If you are searching for both a first and last name, you have got to try the Ranked option under the Detailed search. The Ranked results will show you the best possible match in the collection for the person you are trying to locate.

Distribution Map results can add an interesting dimension to your reseach strategy. Using the vast collection of information at, this search will show you graphically where the most people with your surname resided in the United States during the 1920's.

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Or visit the Surname Finder home page to pick from our extensive list of surnames and you'll be presented with the Ancestry Search, along with a collection of pre-programmed links to a variety of helpful resources.

Can I TRY it before subscribing?

Ancestry Free Trial Yes, begin to discover your story with a FREE, two-week trial from With instant access to billions of names, you might discover long-lost ancestors... or an entire branch of your family tree.

Get full access to US information on - in addition to authentic images of US historical records, newspapers and more. See centuries of family history for yourself with billions of resources that can help you with your research. You'll also get powerful tools for building and growing your family tree.

If you're not 100% satisfied simply cancel before your trial period ends and you'll never pay a dime.


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